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The Group

We are a private equity international group.
Originally thermo set converters, we have broaden our scope with the co-design, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing of thermoplastics. Additionally we offer painting, marking, assembly and finishing of plastic parts …

Une histoire humaine

A human-centric history

Multitude Technologies started as a family business in 1994 with the over-molding of wooden or metallic medical bed panels.
In 1996 the RTM and PU injection workshops moves to Saint-Berthevin. In 2000 thermo set and thermoplastics production move to a second workshop with complete equipment. In 2004, Multifinances holding company was founded.

Une stratégie de croissance raisonnée

A thoughtful growth strategy

Our growth strategy was driven to acquire new skills and address additional industries in parallel to our organic growth.

Histoire du groupe

Acteur global

Global player

Based in Europe and in the Far-East, we supply Tier 1 suppliers on all continents.
Our organization is flexible enough to cope with your constraints and offer solutions from low-cost to quick local lean manufacturing.
We purchase and deliver on all continents.
To fulfil the proximity requirements from our customers, we manage 16 hubs, worldwide.

monde wedo

marque wedo

The Brand

Our brand name highlights the commitment from our team to act.

  • We = the teamsoft-skills
  • Do = doersknow-how

The choice of our brand name was driven by the desire to get the message accross that we are a team committed to make projects a reality.
Our approach is to offer:

  • A global solution (humanwise + processwise)
  • A parallel dimension between your wishes and our research and project execution
  • Industrial precision
  • Innovative technology

These statements are the DNA of our brand.
Our « leitmotiv » is to « question your orientations », but also to think out of the box, in order to come-up with unexpected proposals.
We are distinguished by our customers with awards, because We do, differently

Vision, mission et valeurs

Vision, Mission, Values

Our shared vision is to become a mid-size reference company on the global market, for design and production of fully assembled plastic systems.
Our mission is to :

  • Team-up and follow our customers on the biggest global markets,
  • Develop new technologies,
  • Become a key player on emerging markets,
  • Maintain a balanced mix of automotive / non automotive portfolio of customers.

Capitaux et gouvernance


Our group is a private equity governed by a board of directors, chaired by the founding family).

Our independence maintained over time guarantees our stability. On top of that the succession plan of the founder is in place.

The recipe of our success is based on:

  • innovation (robotics, vision, painting process, acquisitions mode),
  • talented human resources,
  • a pragmatic approach,
  • flair,
  • personality,
  • audacity

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